We Specialize in Construction and Construction Related Industries

Contractors, from excavators on land to marine construction on rivers, developers, engineering firms (and many other hard-hats in between) have counted on us to provide them with comprehensive financial solutions for almost three decades. 

Owning and managing a construction business can be both rewarding and challenging.  Operating in a competitive market poses strong risk and increasing pressures to be profitable while dealing with rising costs, small margins, compliance and bonding capacity and financial requirements. We can help you to ease the risk by assisting with proper planning and solid advice to have your business thrive.

Construction Industry Services:

  • Financial statements; audits, reviews and agreed upon procedures
  • Financial forecasts and projections
  • Comprehensive bonding expertise (working with sureties and brokers to get the most out of your relationship)
  • Assisting clients with securing loans and credit by gathering required information
  • Blending business and personal economic and tax strategies to maximize your net worth
  • Provide assistance on financing, construction management, cost control, credit and collection
  • Construction claims preparation for legal or arbitrator needs
  • Job profitability and break even analysis
  • Asset management
  • Tax planning and consulting
  • Strategic planning
  • Information systems
  • Employee benefit services
  • Evaluation of internal controls
  • Internal control attest and assurance procedures
  • Bookkeeping assistance in accordance with GAAP
  • Internal statements for management on a timely basis
  • Financial and ratio analysis consulting to improve balance sheet strength
  • Succession planning
  • Mergers and acquisitions

Building Strong Foundations Since 1986.

Our firm knows the ins and outs of financial reporting required by sureties and financial institutions.  Sureties acknowledge Barrett and Company to be one of top construction related accounting firms around.  It’s no coincidence that our reputation has benefitted the people we serve; our clients.

“We have been working with Barrett and Company for over 20 years.  Through that time we have grown from a mom and pop shop to a business doing over 70 million a year.  We have gone through a generational transition, two complete accounting system software changes and now have more than seven different business entities. 

We have always been guided and counseled in a conservative and positive direction.  Our bonding and banking partnerships have a high level of trust knowing Barrett & Company is our CPA.  We have been through various audits and have always come through them with a good report card.  Many, many thanks… ”
-Kevin T.