Running a business requires you to wear many, many hats.  We understand the demands and challenges that manufacturers face. Building a superior product while controlling costs, keeping pace with technology and surviving in a competitive environment is hard work.

We work with our clients in manufacturing and distribution providing them with the right financial and advisory insights to help optimize processes, performance and profitability.  We can assist you to reach your goals and dreams.

Manufacturing Industry Services:

Client Success

One of our clients manufactures various types of unique plastic containers. They engaged with us to compile financial statements to be used by their banker. They also expressed a goal to eventually build their own manufacturing facility in Washington State. Our client had existing real estate investments, and needed advice on minimizing their tax liability involving that real estate as well as their main manufacturing business.


We worked to improve our client’s financial information and how it was organized and presented which naturally strengthened their relationship with their banker. We also immediately identified that our client could realize substantial tax savings by performing a cost segregation study on their newly built manufacturing facility. In addition, their manufacturing activity qualified for federal research and development tax credits. Over a two year period, we helped our client realize hundreds of thousands of dollars in accelerated depreciation deductions and substantial federal research and development credits. They were able to effectively use these funds to increase working capital in their business and achieve their goal of building their own manufacturing facility.

In their words:

Development and tracking key performance indicators

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